When you are old enough to understand
The human dilemma, with cards in hand,
How will you handle them, my little one?
How will you play the game? With fear or fun?
To understand the gulf that lies between
perception and the fact, can only mean
You’ll find it much wider than you can cross.
How will you play it? For profit or loss?

If you are analytical you will
Spend your lifetime in trying to fulfil
A proved relationship between just two,
The understanding of the ‘me’ and ‘you.’
This has never been successfully done
Though, in theory, is not impossible;
But, in practice, the unreachable ‘one’
can hardly fill what is already full.

If you are pragmatic you will decide
How you mean to deal with this divide;
Where there are two irreconcilables
You must use value judgement for your rules;
That which your perception will provide
To win the place of pride and survival
Which will, when conscience sometimes starts to chide
Tell you that all is justifiable.

If you are artistic you will ensure
That harmony alone will enter through your door,
Ignoring facts to a needful degree,
Claiming perception as your way to be free;
Following your star that leads you ever on
To the bestowal of the garland won
And the yearnings of an artist’s heart
To raise the choice or sacrifice the art.

If you are creative you will suffer.
You will hardly find a way that’s tougher;
Spending a life being misunderstood
Because you explore beyond where you should
The boundaries of the ‘either’ and ‘or.’
While most prefer the norm, yet you select
To go where none have ever been before
And find a way around ’cause’ and ‘effect.’

If you are caring then beware my dear,
The World is worse than ever you can fear,
And only you, and those who question gain
Can save us all with work against the grain;
Making it seem a better place which can,
By gently easing out our fear of sin,
raise up the shattered, forlorn hopes of man
To leave us better than when you came in.

But all in all a mixture you will be
With strength and weakness from the family tree.
So how you use those gifts you hold in trust
And, if the dealer count your  dealings just
As you go on along the road of life,
And changing ways bring out from you the most
You’ll move, with what you feel, from out the strife
To smiling greetings at the winning post.

February 1992