Notables of the World


You can find notable people of the past and present who have risen to prominence or notoriety in their occupations or field of endeavour.

In some fields like music or writing, the occupations are shown generically; pianists, violinists, drummers, etc. are classified as musicians and novelists, essayists, children’s writers are classified as writers.

Where a notable is eminent in several fields, one principal one has been chosen.

There has to be a cut-off point at some stage in deciding the notables to be included in the different categories and this is a subjective decision. The selection however, can be widened.


In 2012 a separate data base of Notable Events was started and more than 8,000 events have been included which is being added to on a weekly basis.


In 2014 A data base of Notable Foods was added and this shows a selection of Fruit and Vegetables with information about their nutritional values.


A Chart combining information from Western Zodiac, Chinese Zodiac and Numerology shows viewers their individual Charts. Charts can also be made of family or friends or even Notable People shown on the Notable People data base.


A project showing Bio Rhythms for individuals for their birth dates is now available.


A Blog is operational showing the website’s founder’s views on Personal and Imperonal subjects; also episodes from his lifeand a selection of his poems.

up-dated 13th August 2018

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