About Us

Notables of the World is a family enterprise – over nearly 20 years a database of more than 25,000 people notable in their fields of endeavour has been built up and is being added to every week.

You can access individual or group notables in any columnar data sequence and can access and/or print charts for any individual notable by entering name as given at birth and date of birth in the Chart section.

Alternatively you might like to print your own Chart or one for any family member or friend.

With full data information input the Chart will show :-
a) A detailed Numerological reading.
b) A general Western Zodiac reading.
c) A general Chinese Zodiac reading.

Lists of group Notables in any sequence can be viewed or printed and these can be of use to researchers, historians, biographers, statisticians and of other general use.

A new database for Notable Events has recently been added (2013)and this might be useful for connecting Notable People with Notable Events.

A later data base showing Notable Foods can be of use for those wishing to follow a healthy diet.

Subsequent additions to the website have been, Bio-rhythms, Personal Charts and a Blog.

We hope you will find something to interest you in this selection and can enjoy some of the various sections in our web site.

Up-dated on 13th August 2018

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