When Suzy was small, I wondered then
How long it would be, before she was ten;
I should have asked her to calculate –
So easy – June twenty nine, two thousand and eight,
A special date that’s to be sure,
It needs to be special to do justice and more
To a girl who can paint, draw and swim
And in her guides uniform looks so trim;
As a trumpet player she gets better each day
Since practice makes perfect, or so they say;
As a swimmer she’s up with the best
She’ll try every stroke and pass every test.
So easy she finds doing long division
Soon she’ll be studying nuclear fission.
She helps in the house and likes having fun,
Of all things she does, I’ve only begun
So it’s easier to list all the things she can’t do
Because that list will include only a few.
Suzy fills every day with work and play
But this day of day, Omalein and Grumps
Wish you a happy birthday and ten soft bumps.

June 2008