2007Because you are good at maths and when at school don’t fidget
You will have noticed that when you get to nine there is no other ddget,
So clever people long ago sought to solve just where,
If nine is the end of the line, where do we go from there?
The Eureka moment came just when
Someone created double digets and called the first on ‘ten.’
And after that everyone could see
You just went on adding digets to eternity.
So you can thank the thinker who crossed that line
That you are not forever stuck at ‘nine.’
No indeed, you’re on your way
To double diget ‘ten’ today – well, tomorrow
And as you progress ever onwards
learning how to earn life’s rich rewards
And as you bid farewell to ‘nine’
To welcome ‘ten’ we wish you every happiness,
That’s me and Omalein.

February 2007