Two, four,six, eight
Today is a special date;
Take half of eight and what have you got?
I’ll give you a clue –
It’s two times two
And while two is not a lot
Double it and you have four –
And that’s the number I’m looking for.
Why is that? You ask.
Today is September  nine
So, I’ll give you another task
And tell me who is four this time?
Yes, you’re right – it’s Madeleine
Growing up so fast it’s plain
She will not be four again
Because I’m sure that someone’s told her
Each year she will be one year older;
Which she might think it’s cool to be
Although adults might not agree;
But now it’s time to raise a glass
To our lovely four year old lass
And wish her all the very best
Of love and health and happiness.

September 2004