The season’s cycle settles
On a vista far away
Where visions of a distant dream
Intrude into every day.

But dreams are now in storage
As the daily tasks get done,
The concentration span is kept
To what must be faced and won.

The torch of life now in your hands
Brings neither blame nor praise,
It is sustained and nourished by
Service in many different ways.

Rewards are not as trophies won
Nor victor’s laurels earned
Only a quiet contentment as
The jigsaw shows life’s lessons learned.

Loved ones are near and some,
Whose race is already run
Are here on hand this special day
For your deserved day in the sun.

To wish you every kind of joy
In all things, large or small,
And may your fate be kind to you
As you have been to duty’s call

June 2007