Who carries herself with such poise?
Who is making the least noise?
Who has the style to dress with taste?
Who knows to consume is not to waste?
The answers to such questions I believe
Is to find a thirteen old Genevieve.
Dancing, she does without a care,
Swimming, she knifes through the water with flair;
At any sport she does not flounder
And at school she is an all-rounder’
her caring side can be inspired –
First with any help required.
A paragon of virtue she
And she wears it with such modesty.
So, Genevieve, thirteen today
What can all her loved ones say?
What we have said each year past
You are growing up so fast
From the infant we once knew
We can scarcely keep up with you;
So, Genny, we wish you all the best
And may your way through life be blessed.
Those blessings heaped there row on row
While positive vibrations flow
All life encompassed in a glow,
‘Mens sana in corpore sano.’

July 2007