Although you can’t remember all the fun
On your first birthday and you were one,
And you scarcely noticed how fast a year flew
When, on the same date, you were two.
At three you were a little more aware
And blew the candles out with a certain flair.
At four you knew what birthday’s were for
And looked forward to more and more.
You were five when then Millennium ended
As all around were your be-friended.
At six you’re really growing up a-pace
And, with Rachel three and Chris nine you’re at the centre place.
Now seven comes along and at this rate
It seems that in a whiff you’ll be eight
And Grumps is almost out of rhyme
By the time that you turned nine
But, a last effort is needed when
The big one comes along and you are TEN.
Congratulations Ellen and lots of cheers
For all those birthdays past and future years.

July 2004