Ah, we were so much younger then,
When, standing on some distant hill,
The lower landscape seemed in touch
With our own world, where time stood still.

With so much there to tease new thoughts,
Whilst visions with vibrations play
To fill our world and make it seem
Some promised dream of yesterday.

Cascading lights in falling rain
Could in a trice some passion fire
To fuel the onward march again,
Raising high thoughts to still yet higher,

With wonders that surfeit the whole
Within a haze of glowing light,
When dawns were messengers of hope,
And sunsets sealed the moving night.

There was a time when we were once,
And now could never be again,
The harbinger of a new way,
A link that broke from off the chain,

Cut off by that dividing line
That severs youth from what is next,
We look back on the frozen years
To ponder yet another text,

To feelings for another truth,
A gem stone on a pebble beach
That led us on to other shores
For other truths still out of reach.

There is a cup that we must drain
There is a destiny to fill,
But how I wish yet once again
The wonder then, was with me still.

January 1993