Yes, young Will Cargill is now a man
having reached the official span
Of one score and one years to date
That’s why we’re here to celebrate.

Now Will

There are moments in one’s life
When, with loved ones all around
You may think that yes,
This is how I want my life to be;
The love I bear to them is all I want,
And seek to earn the love they bear to me.
Whatever lies in life ahead for you
Is in your hands because,
You were conceived and raised in love
Which is not a privilege for all;
A fact you should remember
When the testing time is hard
And the World’s harsh realities
Press down upon the values that you hold.
Be sure to sift all conflicting views
As many may be falseĀ  but some, you may be sure, are true;
So, while you will be steadfast in all the things
That mean so much to you,
Give space to others seeking to express
A different search yet, for a common good
Which, is as true to them as yours is to you.
Do not expect to ever find a perfection you may seek
Mankind cannot live in such rarified a state,
But struggle hard to cleave a way ahead
That is not choked by envy, malice, lies or hate –
Traps all atound to impede you from your fate.
You have trod Twickenham’s famous ground
And seen your team secure the golden crown;
Ahead there are more trophy’s to be found –
Just keep your head – and build foundations sound.
Your efforts will carry you along
Each step advancing on the road of life
Discerning in the choice of right from wrong
And create a harmony where there is strife.
To us you’re still the Champ, though still the same
Old Will, modest, kind and fun – you’re in our Hall of fame.

28 April 2010