We were able to emerge as a species on our Planet and are evolving in accordance with the Darwinian theory of evolution. This evolutionary process has brought us to a critical stage and I see this as a final wake up call.

In our evolutionary progress we have been able to ensure the continuation of our species adapting as we go along – sometimes modifying our behaviour in the face of more powerful species or forces or, taking on and subduing weaker or less adaptable species.

During our evolutionary progress we have unnecessarily destroyed other species and acted in a way against the best interests of our own by assuming a supremacy on the Planet that belongs exclusively to Nature.

The list of such group actions are long and hardly need spelling out but in my view our evolutionary trajectory has now gone beyond what Nature can allow and, as we have been unable to find a way back to a sustainable equilibrium Nature has intervened to curb our inability to do so.

During this process we have forgotten or ignored the fact that we are just one aspect of Nature and failing to reign in destructive excesses that have worked both against our fellow inhabitants of this Planet and even our own best interests which always need to be in a harmonious and balanced manner for our own species survival within the laws of Nature.

The human species was destined to disappear from the Planet in a shortened period of time because of its self-destructive actions and the question now has to be asked is whether the present covid-19 plague is an opportunity for humans to deal with it, change its ways and survive or whether it is the beginning of the end as it was for the dinosaurs.

If this is not the harbinger of the destruction of one more species from the Planet but a wake up call, a sort of last chance saloon then there would be two ways to go once we have overcome the present plague. There will be those who will espouse a sort of Nazi-style eugenics whereby humans will be classified by their use – and this would of course be assessed by a ruling elite who make the classification in accordance with their understanding of the word ‘use.’ The elite themselves would of course be included in the meaning and only those able to serve their interests in a very changed World. The alternative to this would be an attempt to save those who can be saved by a massive system of ‘wealth’ distribution.

Of course there is no longer any meaningful wealth left in terms of the present monetary system we have at the moment. There is only debt. And new thinking will have to be devised if it is decided that those that can be saved should be saved as we nominally practice at the present time.

to be revised and continued at a later date