I stood beside you in a dream
Saw your hand raised and a smile
Spread through your beloved face
Though, all the while
During that time I had with you
Such details passed unobserved
As one familiar day o’erlay the next;
And now within that twilight World
You never knew, or knew no other,
With my three score years and ten
In what is called the seventies;
With short term memory wrecked,
And musings on the distant past,
Are they only foundations that secure?

It’s a different World, not the one you left
Or the one you are now in;
It’s a World of waiting to leave,
For the doorway of Divine love to open wide
And greet another refugee
With smiling welcome.
Did you know this when you left willingly
And what I grudgingly depart?
Perhaps you came to the wrong World and
Missed by the angels, they came to call you back,
While I, who learned to calculate the odds
Let no one take me for a ride.
But we reap in this World
The good or evil we have sown
As, when Saturn returns there is no escape
And into the fire of force and will
Is cast your sacrifice.

September 1997