If we view the causes of the 1914/18 war objectively we are forced to conclude that there were no great ideologies involved; it was a case of Sovereign States jockeying for power with Germany wanting more colonies and a world-size navy to equal those of Britain and France, and that would have crowded the top table too much.

However, since that cataclysmic war, ideology became an added dimension to the power game in sovereign states manoeuvering – Fascism, Communism, Free Market Capitalism. Fascism was the most unpleasant one and we should not forget that a form of it was practised by the USA with segregation and European countries with their colonies. Both Communism and Free Market Capitalism were Utopian dreams; ideologies that crashed with unpleasant results.

With the ideological phase in world affairs now past the West have  claimed the superiority of their form of Democracy and this has resulted, post Second World War with the break through ‘Human Rights’ enshrined in law. And this is a huge step forward. But ‘Human Rights’ cannot flourish under any of the post-ideological forms of government without a parallel universal law being passed to enshrine the ‘Social Good’ as underpinning ‘Human Rights.’ Future generations will argue about the ‘Social Good’ as they once did and some still do about ‘Human Rights’ but it would be a progressive step forward in Human Affairs representing an evolving process.

In the present vacuum existing in world affairs there is an opportunity to attempt to square the circle between the ‘Social Good’ in addition to the pending  solutions to the ever-shifting  economic/political problems. These problems unsolved since the break up of the great empires after the First World War were added to by the break up of other empires following the Second World War and further increased by rapid Globalisation are now almost insurmountable in their complexity.

It seems we are coming full circle where, in place of Britain, France and Germany contesting the places at the Top Table with Russia as an interested hopeful the new players compromise the USA, Europe and China with Russia still an interested hopeful.

As these intricate problems are being dealt with it is to be hoped that ‘Human Rights’ and the ‘Social Good’ will not sink without a trace.

MARCH 2014