‘Tis twenty years since first we took the road
On which we learned to share a common load;
At times this load would on us tighten
But, with the passing years, it came to lighten,
Felt warm and comforting upon our backs
So that we came to realise, a life that lacks
Some such weight to bear us company
Is to forsake a growing harmony,
Evolving, as it does, our union
To the blessed fields of  Elysium.

Our footsteps beat a rhythm as we go
That wears a trail that leaves a lasting glow
For loved ones on the way, to guide or teach
And place the cup of life within their reach.
What times we had! As still remains the hope
For dreams we can express within the view,
Unimpeded by any fear to cope
As, with joined hands, we pledge our love anew.

August 1998