We never fail to feel ashamed
neither to have opinions
That seem so apt when self-proclaimed
Discoursing on Millennia –
Proposing to a listening World
Of which we had to seize the ear
(Doubters to the abyss hurled)
To push a point, create a fear,
That God exists, and we must chart
Our human course acknowledging
This fact and, as a state of art
Sing songs about a servant King.

Other self-proclaiming wise men
Acting out their needs to hold views
Berate our superstitions when
We go to spread the joyful news.
However well our words express
Our inner thought, there are still bars
To what they say for, noentheless,
They cannot take us to the stars.

In turmoil as we lay the wreath,
The iceberg tip is the knowing,
With understanding all beneath
belief joined with hopes agrowing.
That God exists, is a belief
As is that of an Atheist.
To argue is to prove time’s thief.
Look to yourself, aim for the best.

April 1996