It’s all about the temperature and telephones unanswered
For those who take the World in gulps, as others think it’s all about
Putting the right things in the right places. Who can feel unfelt pain
Where lack of vision shows a monochrome World;
Others act, determined to be the last lemming over the cliff.
But if awareness you wish to find, ensure you do not linger over long
In any one part of the mind since no fact can ever be
Fully understood nor a problem overcome
Until its relation to the whole is known to everyone.
And then they only move from different vantage points
To view the same problems.
Though every minute is a second chance, every song a call to dance
On every summers’ day, the shade of every tree
Calls for thee to stay, providing rest and ease for thee
Where to enjoy the bliss of sitting down upon the grass
Under the Cedar tree with you and the music at last.

Socrates said he hoped he would do nothing
mean or common in the hour of danger –
But can you make the individual responsible
For the excesses of the system?
Let’s say every individual is responsible  for their actions within the system,
But that too is challengeable as living correctly is always gratification deferred;
Realised gratification can be a need fulfilled or a lowering of the optimum.
Is this all a Eurocentric view? Well, we Europeans can raise a glass
Take a bow, we’re back at last but, remember, all things pass
As they get cheaper in the mass.
But all Humanity is my song; how can I describe the Human condition
With the environmental woof crossing the genetic warp?
We Humans are the objects in the plan so, the planned seeking to understand
The planner , because nothing in this life is as good as we imagine and yet
We hope against hope that there is something better than we dare imagine
Because God’s reward is a perfect thought as well as the infinite beauty given us;
An empty sky and the brilliance of light, silence and the stillness of water or the murmur of the sea;
A magnesium shaft of moonlight lying across the old, wooden floorboards
While outside the dusky, green sheen of meadows spread beneath the harbouring trees.
Laugh so as not to weep at the epiphany of hope
Or  stay in denial over the difference between
Heroic thought or inglorious reality but
From the lowest common denominator shrink;
All those stupid people waiting to be told what they should think.
I’m opting out of adapting, no more points of view to see
I’m all for simple Simon, and now he’s all for me.

Did I ever realise that one day the end would come
And it would be a slow-motion review of the old, old people
That shuffled as silhouettes across the sky line
Of your indifferent gaze?
But all I wanted then was to see the wonders of the World before
Myself or they are gone. So why should I bother or care?
Just a pin-prick of remote compassion because my hour had not yet struck
And I was thankful for what I was and heedless of what I would become.
But these feelings work themselves out in the end
And we finish up as we were
And never realised when, with one flicked look
We decided he meant nothing to us and yet,
He was our brother and we were meant to be his friend.

We think the cold comfort of cash will ease our way through the World
But it is acid eating the honey of Humanity that’s there to sweeten our lot.
Oh, to see things from different angles and understand anothers’ point of view,
Our whole lives toy with self-neglect, courting false hopes with persistence,
Misreading signs to self-respect that can re-shape our existence
As individuals pay the price for conscience for what they do in groups.
The ego does not diminish with age; we need to come to terms with it
Through expressions of compassion, living and dealing in basic Humanity,
Honest, whilst still locked into the scheme of group exploitation
Because a reformer only lifts the yoke on to other shoulders.

It would be mad to say that life is romantic
But there is romance in life or can be and any analysis
Destroys the emotional input and life becomes a mechanical process
Like saying a successful marriage is an exercise in power-sharing
Well worked out or, the woman decides if there is to be any sex
By agreeing or declining, whereas the man decides if there is to be
Any permanency in the relationship by agreeing or declining.
Does classification destroy the mystery or is the mystery incapable of being classified?

Conscience is when we realise that there are others
In the World besides ourselves with feelings.
But love is an emotional time-bomb that sometimes gives us more than we can cope with.
But who’s to say? because it’s funny how people without heroic dimensions
can do heroic things – and surely, they must do them for love?

I saw your mother’s face the night you were conceived
And though now I’m old and out of place, on this matter I cannot be deceived;
It was like Devas – the shining one; an emotional sense or a sensual emotion?
And yet the Hindus say that a mind absorbed in sense objects
Is in bondage, while a mind detached from sense objects is liberated.
Well, say what you like about life, but I wouldn’t sacrifice my senses
Although, living a sensual existence one is invariably ignorant of the real situation,
Just as one can commit spiritual suicide by denying a spiritual truth.

Indulge now pay later is a saying  is a saying spurned by youth
And a wasted indicator when you get older in the tooth;
It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, you’ll get your just desserts;
Be you brazen, be you shy, life’s mocking laughter always hurts
Try to distil the tender element in sex – yes – to last a lifetime
Even to the barren years when we can say in idle moments of reflecting wistfulness
Yes – we were once hot lovers and now face the remaining years
In forward looking, nostalgic days un-liberated and without fears
To that final stage achieved, the best and worst you could have done
‘Til by the token of the loss, have grieved because you now are only half a one.

December 2011