Youth is to wake to an uncertain World
Where every step that’s trod is to be free
Now he, with bowls and she, with grey hair curled,
Have everything yet lack spontaneity.

The male equivocates to help
The damsel in distress.
Do other species bare their teeth
To show their happiness?

She created a World and he entered in
neither were kind to themselves to begn,
Why leave your tears to the very end?
better to finish than start as a friend.

When the going gets rough
The strong get tough,
The weak they can’t afford
Go overboard.

The instant response to things
Both brave and true still rings,
Though triumph disappears
Along the years.

And when beset by doubt
Be courageous, make a din
Not to mourn the going out
But to celebrate the coming in.

As the creeping nights grow long and dark
Keep tight hold of what will sustain
A recall of high water mark-
And the horizon light again.

May 1996