Then take this cup and fill it with  the essence of your heart,
Breathe a breath and hold it for our thousand years apart;
With your soft, shadowed lips please sing eternities slow song;
There is a way, it is not clear, but faith is always strong.

How can we know the joys we miss for being what we are,
How do we know if others could have loved us from afar,
For love is not enough alone, it is a barren soil
That has no tears to water it, through hope re-born with toil.

We do not know, why should we know, how fateful life can be
And all the time we do not know, we think that we are free;
The gale can blow and spin and swirl while the seeds still gently grow;
Are other elements at work? And does the gale not know?

There was a time in which we thought that happiness was ours,
Whether from a-near or far, just searching for a formula;
But all the portends go to show that happiness is just a tide
Upon which float the debris of mixed humility and pride.

When happiness is hard to find, and we are never sure
That happiness is what we thought, we thought it was before,
For many thoughts lead many ways, there is no one true road
Whereon a searcher sets a foot, nor is there one true load.

So banish from your troubled heart despair, and learn to say
The hopes that bloomed, the joys that were, are seeds  of yesterday;
While far off goals that came so near, remain still far away
When all the time the search’s fruits are for us on display.

November 1996