But there’s an island yonder
And I think of it again
Inside the range of wonder
Outside the world of pain.

Where there’s a glow when dawn comes
Topping surf and sand with gold,
As slanting rays of the sun’s
Those glittering worlds unfold.

They say that I’m escapist,
That I should engage with life,
To sow, to reap a harvest
And to court and win a wife.

There is truth enough in this
If I were like other men,
Though the strife for life can miss
A different truth again.

I cannot sacrifice my Isle
That is my inner core,
The quiet self that rests awhile
On that silken, sandy shore.

When days are grey and dreary
And the libido is low,
When life itself is weary
Then, to my Isle I’ll go.

And when I go I’ll travel light,
Just my memory and me
On stepping stones, throughout the night
To my Island in the sea.

March 1993