If you stand on Bastona’s verandah
You can see the roof tops of Elanda,
The sun is bright, the sky is blue
And there is fun for everyone, and you.

For fourteen days and fourteen nights
We’ve got the ego mix to rights,
And joining together in laughter and play
We’ve all had a super holiday.

There’s Granny, Omalein and Grumps
The older generation who’ve turned up trumps,
With Julie and John, Cliff and Lynn,
people to put your confidence in.
And Pat and Linie, young and fair,
No party complete without them there;
The middle range, and not one off key
They gave their all at karaoke.

Andrew and William, young stagers we feel,
Ready for anything, if that means a meal.
Christopher joins them, ready for fun
And before long a game of chess has begun.

Two Christmas angels the number swells
But now they’re posing as bathing belles.
Olga and Mariano have come, bearing good cheer
And then it’s back home tomorrow – oh dear.

It’s been a fortnight of magic
And as we gather to dine
We all join together
Raising glasses of wine
To thank one another
And Omalein.

Hop-a-Long – August 1996