We’ve lived to see George Bush depart
Like an ignominious fart.
What care we of sage’s moderation?
Opaque interpretations are not for me;
Standing on the hill-top in musing contemplation,
Surveying mans’ history as far as I can see;
The gleaned knowledge at my command –
What does it say of us that I should care?
That with such array of benisons to hand
There is no limit to the debasement that he dare.
Those mindless acts comprising all those crimes
Inflicted on his unknown kith and Nature’s law.
Yet there are those who argue Nature’s law at times
Is more brutal than its creature man e’er saw,
And who am I, an ant, to judge another ant with power?
If laughter is a sense I need no other
To mock, and raise the hopes of those who cower
As the bully’s acts destroy yet another brother,
Yet, we simply cannot let your acts become
Analysed by time that when historians view,
From a safe distant prospect, passing off as some
Behaviour proportional to its time, without condemning you –
Yes you who have committed infamy and shame
On Humanity and in your peoples’ name.

June 2010