How precious were those moments in times past
When all the busy day is left behind,
The nights are drawing in, outside the dusk
Reaches down to embrace the shining lights
Where you are sitting there, and I am here.

A settling down in easy comradeship
Reflecting an inner peace whereby we
Choose the way we wish to spend these hours
And silently absorb the arching range
Of vibrations spread between our space.

Until such thoughts turn into active words
That gently turn the soil of common ground;
Such words, to cross a bridge and start a trend
Or re-defining some earlier talk that might
Have left a hanging doubt or, to explain

An abstract point that needed to be made.
You might be darning, involved in tactile rest –
A sudoku assists me to relax –
Nothing too expressive that might erase
A composure that grows into itself –

And evenings when the mood was right
You would choose some music where your choice was
Sure to send us deeper into an
Abstraction that transcended musing thoughts
Into the realms of beauty, love and peace.

March 2014