Do you agree with me
That things are not what they seem to be?
Do ants
Have temperaments?
Do moles
Have souls?
Can other creatures pray?
If we can, why not they?

We see points of view
Through the one human prism –
Cannot other species too
Have a place without derism?

Does God need our praise?
Should we ask to remain unchanged?
Or should we aim to raise
The level of understanding about us ranged?

Are we getting any nearer
To nudging self-knowledge along?
Does the truth appear clearer
Or is the way we are on wrong?

We like to think we are right
Without ever even a mention
Of the possibility the alternative might
Puncture a posturing parrot’s pretension.

There can be a million different raindrops
Reflecting the earth, water and sky –
The formation of river, lake and sea stops
Short, until those raindrops unify.

Our millions of individual minds
Reflect the fragmentation of mankind
Which, when the raindrops united, finds
A merging to the universal mind.

And there it is, a concept out of range,
A dream that we shall never realise.
A hope that helps to make this world less strange,
To long pursue, until the echo dies.

September 1993