A gathering – a precious thing
Memories invoked –
Impressions stamped –
Images re-defined –
While a prosaic stream of routine days
Moves to a strangely familiar mode
Of awareness – heightened
By past happiness enshrined –
Where links are re-examined
One by one, to see if any may
Be moved, or missed, or changed
A greater depths to find
To reach a softer, passive mood –
A group embracing symmetry
That expels all disharmony –
To a touchstone, there to find
The youngest who arrived the last
Peer back to understand the past
While others who, the largest webs have spun,
Will miss the music yet to come.
Though time will take what is her due
We all can share the land where dreams come true
Mingling pure, true thoughts whose worth will ring
As we once again the old, familiar carols sing.

Written to be read out on Christmas Eve 2009 but second thoughts prevailed and in its placeĀ  I read out ‘Father Christmas and the Credit Crunch. (out of print)

December 2009