Their total inadequacies
Outweighing any qualities
They might have had in shining youth
When thought took in belief and truth.
Their very sophistry portrays
Abandoned aims of former days;
They can set out with unctuous ease
Those policies designed to please
All displayed with such skilful arts,
Hedged promises in concealed parts
Where all can be reversed if needs
Declare changed strategies or creeds.
And these sort know how to be brief,
Just plain vicious, without relief,
Used sparingly but with effect
The world can guess but not detect
A reaping where some others sowed.
An earlier promise that each showed
Before, you wonder where it went
Leaving just form without content;
Expediency to self-serve
As service long since left the curve.
Just why do we tolerate
Such creatures when they reach this state?
But they are us, we them writ small
If they are anything at all.

May 1995