She was not exactly a refugee
Yet she left her home to live with me;
Came across the Northern Sea
To fulfil for us our destiny.

The glad, bright light of her gentle soul
With the spreading of love her only goal
She tunnelled away like a tender mole
Into a heart that was far from whole.

It was not that I had lost my way
Although you never know from day to day
When the things that matter start to decay
Nor when they do what it costs to repay.

How such a timid one could be so bold
As to tackle the World with intent to unfold
The idea of giving a trust untold
Then demanding it back for her to hold.

In my stubbornness I could not perceive
That every love does not mean to deceive,
And I tried her hard so as not to believe
That the limits set I needed to leave.

She said I gave her stability
And, as a catalyst she set me free
making a life for us that we might be
Together forever, eternally.

April 1992