‘Does the equation work the other way?’
He asked. as we explored our minds one day.
And I, not knowing if it worked at all
Passed on regardless to a lesser call.

For, as we seek the pot of gold, we find
How we seek things is just a state of mind;
Realities fade as images grow
To overlay the world we used to know.

Before we knew we were born to die
We never thought to ask the question ‘why’.
Why, if death is common to mankind,
Is life an aberration of the mind?

What gift is this we lose, or need equate
A donor for a life beneath this weight?
Do choices come our way, and need our writ
To sift emotions whilst the lamp’s still lit?

Fulfillment seeksĀ  an outlet from this jail
To spice our struggle for the Holy Grail;
The equation leads us to sheath our swords
As if this life we lead has its rewards.

But now I know, and think I understand,
The absolute and final helping hand
Is there, is there, is there I do believe,
But being what I am, I can but grieve.

October 1991