My generation was brought up in a land
Where the growing influence of the States
Came crowding into a static strand
With Hollywood battering at the gates.

Those institutionalised, sombre days
Devised by the English ruling classes
Had started to crumble in many ways
As a fault line led to the power that passes.

Dixieland and Hollywood both led
After the prohibition laws on booze
Had passed, as the mafia forged ahead
With the refugee European Jews.

Our reactive, recessively ruled land
Was more than ready for schmaltz and jazz,
The vanguard playing a Disneyland band
Complete with drum majorette’s razz-ma-tazz.

Some changes were good and long overdue;
No longer leading with Empire in tow,
The many wanting what once had the few
Were looking elsewhere to see where to go.

With once the idea of change in the air
ThenĀ  nothing could stop the forward play,
The ruling classes who never despair,
Changed from resisting to leading the way.

The situation got quite out of hand
With the masses beginning to believe
That the poorest was equal to the grand
So needed to be taught to undeceive.

And biding their time as they always do
The rulers set out to destroy the good
And take only the bad, always on view
From the image makers of Hollywood.

Give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves
The reactionary strategists plan;
As a clock face is divided into twelfths
So divide they said, and rule, as only we can.

Business is business and morals know none,
The joy of the sixties would have to go,
Replacing a time of freedom and fun
To where all knew their place in the status quo.

And this is the way of the human lot
You are saved and betrayed by the leaders you choose;
You think you are free, but really you’re not
You’ll always be minding your P’s and Q’s.

Society is what keeps us alive,
Individuals change when they’re in it;
Without it you haven’t a hope to survive.
Still, you yearn to be free for one minute.

Although individuals cannot be made
Responsible for Society’s excesses,
Each one of us has a part to be played
Our best actions promote its successes.

August 1993