When you think about the lessons life has taught
Which you have packed into one short life span,
Dwell momentarily on this, and if you can
Deny that you have benefit from aught.

And if the answer’s ‘no’ then all has been in vain
Though who’s to know where blame may be bestowed?
The genetic batch you never asked for, owed
Something to this failure underlain.

Poor workmen always blame their tools, they say
Still, effort urges one to show a fist,
The arrow once despatched, the target missed,
Yet one lives on to fight another day.

In the invented World of Man, it pays
To seek some alternative to vary
The trod path along inherited ways
Strewn with traps that lie for the unwary.

Relationships with fellow humankind
As an objective all pervasive
Attracts those your antics seem not to mind
And veer from obsrtuctive to persuasive.

Though easy to forget the wasted years
As one pursues a way towards the end,
Damned up beneath the rush of ready tears
We navigate life’s path through foe and friend.

While good is merely routed bad, not right
And maybe,  compassion’s stroke a token
As one lies in a sweat of fear tonight
Seeing all of one’s illusions broken.

The hour or two we have on stage before
The needful arrogance of life must
Precede the fateful knocking on the door,
A bitter call, returning us to dust.

I don’t believe in God is hardly new –
More to the point, does God believe in you?
And when you have cancelled out the Fall
You are left to see the beauty of it all.

July 1994