Scientists are to the Creator what mechanics are to the inventor. An inventor creates a practical, material process such as an internal combustion engine, an aircraft, a computer and the mechanic learns how to operate or maintain these without having the creativeness to have invented them, and the public at large use these invented objects without being able to invent, make or maintain them.

Our universe has been created – how or why we do not know – but the scientist – which is from the Greek word ‘knowledge’ sets out to find as much as possible, within the scope of our human understanding, the details of this creation. The mechanic does not deny the existence of an inventor so why should any scientist deny that of a universe creator?

Another word originating from the Greek is ‘philosophy’ meaning truth and, if the views of those who deny a creator prevailed we would have no need or use for seeking truth from a different approach from that of the scientist.

Just as there would be no reason to invent a material process unless it had a purpose almost always linked to human usage or advantage of need. Why then should not the universal creation have a purpose and should we not be seeking to know not only how it functions (science and knowledge) but why it functions (philosophy and truth)?

JULY 2012