It is only love that can endure,
Some place to find so deep inside
Each one of us; Its gift received
Where there is hope, a message pure
That surges high, a mighty tide
To vanquish all that has deceived –
The ache of doubt which sees a cure
From hidden fears from which we hide,
To find a truth to be believed.

Such agents in our World’s affairs
Sent by a Power that knows our needs
Are rare and treasured ancient heirs
Upon which all our yearning feeds.

To celebrate this gift we gather here
Humble and grateful at this place,
A mutual togetherness and where
We can share in your shining grace.

For now and forever, in sorrow and laughter,
Pray for us and bless us in the long hereafter.

Read by Ellen at  St George’s Church – Beckenham on 15th February 2014