The World I knew, and know not now,
Is transfixed in my memory;
No better or no worse somehow
But intrinsically a part of me.

A World that changes while we wait
As every generation sees
Resulting abuse aggregate,
Receding Green belt, lopped down trees.

Those guardians have left their post
And joined in chorus to deplore
The acts elsewhere of which they boast
They’d never do, they did before.

The human species is in thrall
By virtue of its raising up
Their sights above the common all
To use a cartel to corrupt

Or split from Nature to abuse
Those fellow creatures weakness use
Foretells a day when on the turn
We pay for what we did not learn.

That span we think as infinite
Where we can push our plans along
Is measured out, but not quite right
To balance those who too belong.

The grand design takes us in view
But not on terms that leaves our fate
Destroying all, just for the few,
And push our rights to abdicate.

We have a place in harmony,
We have our struggle to just be;
Between these two we can still strive
Leaving others space to survive.

What will be the fate of Man
Is more than I can ever tell,
But for the gift of my life span
I am glad, and wish the future well.

February 1996