I always think I have more time
And then I see it’s after nine
So, quickly put my pen away
Preparing for another day.
Let me see now, my railway fare,
I’ll check to see the money’s there;
Ninety five pence is not a lot
Unless you find it’s all you’ve got.
There’s lunch as well when, if you can
You need to fill the inner man,
So that will mean a pound or two,
That’s quite enough to see me through.
My dark, blue suit hangs very well
But what is that protruding swell?
It looks as though I’m getting stout,
I’ll have to let the waistband out.
I kiss my loving wife goodbye
She checks me over with her eye
Not wanting me to look ‘slap dash’
Nor, on the other hand, too ‘flash.’
When she has passed me fit and sound
I’m off, away and station bound.
The train will take me all the way
To where I work throughout the day.
I like my work, it’s rather fun
But then, I don’t tell anyone
’cause if my boss guessed it was such
He might not pay me quite so much.
The day goes past, so very fast
It’s time to have my lunch at last,
I stroll around the City square
To get a little more fresh air.
I have a hearty lunch, then soon
I’m ready for the afternoon .
At half past four that is the cue
To leave for Dunbar Avenue.
Another train and a good read
Then home to Oma’s scrumptious feed.
An evening by the fireside
A better choice can’t be denied.
Then up to bed and a good sleep
And trust the Lord my soul to keep.

December 1991