Where does the Womble Wimble?
Alas, nobody knows,
His step is neat and nimble
His existence otiose.

He steals in to have his breakfast
When you’re asleep in bed
And when the clock shows half past
He has panicled and fled.

His taste has great acuity
he hangs bells upon his ears
And because of their opacity
Has created groundless fears.

Such fears are really baseless
He is a gentle soul
And even through osmosis
Can’t toughen up his role.

Why does the Womble Wimble?
Experts cannot agree –
He’ll fit into a thimble
Then grow taller than a tree.

His Wimble we shall always need
However much we grumble
There’s no sight can exceed
The Womble scoffing apple crumble.

So long may the Womble Wimble
And do it with such grit
That makes our back teeth tingle
When thinking about it.

December 1996