George Bush –¬† four more years, the neocons have won;
Their performer,George, preaching what middle America wants to hear
Has won the neocons four more years.
Preaching the good message – a strong America,
A moral America, against the gays and abortionists,
Against contraception and loose moral values
For our God, for the family, for law and order.
Middle America, flanked by the liberal East and West Coasts
Has triumphed over a divided nation,
The Confederacy’s revenge over the Union.
Give me that old time religion, give me another big Mac.
Progressives against Traditionalists,
Reason against belief.
But George Bush stands for moral values –
Say ‘no’ to the wrong sort of sex
Say ‘yes’ to a belief in our Christian, moral values.
For the liberals, morality has a different meaning –
It means attacking the moral shame of hunger, disease, exploitation;
It means the morality of universal education and healthcare.
But this is not what the neocons want, and the neocons have won.
The good preached by George Bush
Has opened up the old Imperial story
For a nation of immigrants
That once called for the World’s huddled masses
Now cause those huddled masses to cower down
Under a hail of American bombs.
In little more than two hundred years America has changed
From a colony to a refuge to an Imperial power. So soon?
But this was planned long ago. It was not like this
When the ravenous wolves of Big Business,
That could scarcely believe their good fortune,
Swarmed through the consensus curtain
That Maggie had cut for them. Where was English fudge?
Her’s was a simple one line philosophy,
‘Stand on your own feet and get the Government off our backs.’
The time was ripe when the Unions lost control
And she struck with the popular grain,
Ousting the old consensus warped by union power;
And through the gap that Maggie made rushed the money men;
The swindlers, the profiteers, the drug barons and the bankers,
The pornographers. All who profit from human frailty;
The ‘I’m alright, Jack’ brigade
With every man for himself and a raspberry for the hindermost.
We are still recovering here.
But George Bush’s win was not like that at all;
It was twenty years or more in the planning.
What Eisenhower called the Industrial/Military complex
Had to have a broader and more popular appeal;
And so Christian Fundamentalism was created –
A patchwork alliance of all the sects
With the Zionists as their cornerstone
And Corporate America, duly coaxed, to fund it all.
But where is the enemy now the Commies are no longer here?
Saddam Hussein, the evil one, will do;
So set the propaganda machine in motion
Until World events make a quick switch necessary –
Evil Saddam Hussein AND the evil World terrorists,
Code for a new Crusade against the Muslim World
Because those  Muslims had dared to strike back hard
After a near century of Western persecution.
It was a dream scenario, the last set piece
Fitted exactly into the strategic planing
With the election victory ensured for four more years
So now George Bush’s fronted neocons
Can destroy the environment, persecute liberals
Unleash Big Business and bomb, bomb, bomb.
Bomb Iraq, bomb Afghanistan, bomb any Muslim country
Who got in the way of the big plan
Back into the Stone Age by kind permission
Of Henry Kissinger’s big plan some decades ago.
The Israeli leadership now chortling –
The French and Germans anxious –
The British uncertain – the Russians just about destroyed
And the Chinese waiting.
What a World to inherit;
We are back to Medieval times
With the religious wars raging
And our only hope is that Americans
Will either fall out amongst themselves
Or come to their senses.

Avoiding the nightmare
For those who care.
Hearing the primeval scream
At the fading American dream.

Adolf wanted the best for his Volk
And with his allies dealt fair
While the rest of the World could go stuff.

George wants the best for his Class
Double crossing his only ally, Blair
While the rest of the World could go stuff.

November 2004