Trying to sleep at nights at the strange, land-locked part of the Brazilian Highlands he had arrived at in his employment at the Gold Mine was proving to be somewhat of an ordeal. Something quite different from the tranquil, silence he had been used to in England. There seems to be no reason for this in where the Company bungalows lay on the fringe of a smallish Mining Town with barely 25,000 inhabitants but, on his third night the frantic barkings of what seemed to be coming from packs of marauding dogs made sleep impossible. He could cope with the unaccustomed warm climate but lay tossing and turning in his bed as the noise went on and on without respite.

He went out to lean on to the verandah to lean over to the dark lane and, after a while, was able to see some darker shades moving hither and thither with snarls and growls and weired piercing howls coming from this moving, restless group of of shadows

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