Yesterday I met a man
Who had been to Disneyland;
He seemed casual about it
Almost, I thought, offhand.
He talked about the car park
As large as a small town
And the vehicles that shuttled
The visitors around.
There were queues for the rides,
What you’d call ‘backlogs,’
But you never had to go far
For ices and hot dogs.
There were animals and side shows
Spectaculars and fun
They cost you a pretty penny
But why else had you come?
You could, after all sorts of snacks
Be drawn by more and more attractions
That stopped you in your tracks
And challenged your re-actions.
he rambled on, his eyes now glowing,
I nodded as he spoke
And though I had my own thoughts,
There are times one does not joke.
One thing though, I understand
If words come with an image
Those two words, ‘Disney Land’
Should be enough to stir outrage.

March 1999