Too late, too late –
Yesterday has come and gone
And every aspiration that there ever was
Continues as before, identified and un-achieved.
There are those who, unaware,
Press on in their muted ways
Oblivious, complacent, un-agrieved,
Pushing through a concrete fog
To endings and beginnings
That just were not where
They were expected – all agog.
Is bliss ignorance rewarded?
As they say
or is there still a price to pay
For those too pleased with what they do?
With the gain as seen too ill afforded
By the many for the few?
Deceived by careless hands applauded.
Positions on the wheel of life
As prisms through which to see
The extent of tranquility or strife
Distributed in capricious degree –
If those with self-interest planned
Can be given more than those praying,
is it so difficult to understand
What the messenger is saying?

September 1995