To make it is to wonder why you should;
Emotion pushes hard, the mind’s intent
To pause ’til reason convinces, which should
Mean mind and heart have closed the argument.

How difficult it was for you to see
Whether there was a sacrifice or not;
Whereas it seemed impossible for me
To conquer by surrendering the plot.

Dynamic inertia like created
Promises that would banish failure’s dread;
Yet were such promises over-stated
Or finessed by underlying risk instead?

So what needed to be understood
To shift the balance evenly
For the doing in uncritical mood
Should not be tied to unfair responsibility.

The best state; independence declared.
Who wants to interfere with this? And why?
Was the reluctance equitably shared?
And if not, why should anyone apply?

Oh, how I weighed it up so long and deep
Until spent reasoning had no more charms
Then I closed my eyes and took a leap
Into commitment’s ever waiting arms

.April 2005