Read by Christopher

We are well met this happy day
To celebrate a modest man
With loved ones gathered here to pay
Dues on a milestone of your life span.

A fair and treasured father you,
A husband equitable and fond,
A brother equalled by so few,
A son whose value goes beyond
The formal staged relationships
Of kith and kin; best values are always free;
They are the familiar type transcripts
of a close knit unity.

So, Christopher (that’s me) Ellen, Rachel, show show how glad
You are to have your super dad (cheers)
And Lynn, we won’t think it amiss
If you give your Cliff a kiss.

Your two sisters join with each other
To praise a helpful, caring brother.
Because Julie’s family has come far
To give you a loud hurrah. (hurrah)
And Linie’s lot are in the queue
To give another one to you. (another hurrah)
While Mum and Dad (that’s Omalein and Grumps to me) wait in the wing
To join in and your praises sing. (cheers)-

We praise a man who love has found
From building firmly from the ground
Where true and lasting values find
Life’s goal, with no regrets behind.

This gentle giant who lives in Cheam
Can life be all it seem?
And do not think it all a dream,
What you have built is our esteem.

In your rich tapestry of life
Your constant and beloved Lynn
An anchor and supporting wife
Reveals the harmony within.

So Cliff, congratulations from us all
In settled state, not one for roving,
Amongst your peers you can walk tall
And see all around the power of loving.

Oh, I forgot, there’re lots of nieces and nephews here
So, for Uncle Cliff, let’s have another cheer (cheers)
And from in-laws even more
Please lead the company in one last roar (bedlam).

22 July 1957 to 22 July 2007