Emerging awareness, a sense of fun
This is your life that has just begun;
Starting at eight you can begin to see
Where it all leads to – your destiny.
Up to now you have been very clear
And foundations made have been bought dear;
Self-awareness sets the first surface brick,
You’ll need windows clear and walls that are thick,
For the house you build now is yourself entire,
To welcome loved ones and a place to retire;
A building to last you all your life –
Comfort’s creation, a refuge from strife.
When you learn to share with the gift of love
You will make the World better from above.
It’s a lot to think of when you’re only eight
But better start now than when it’s too late.
Soon you will learn to understand
The creation about you, the higher command;
Read many books for knowledge lies there,
But wisdom creeps up to you unaware.
Details make perfection, no formula to fail,
Visualising perfection is no detail.
Work to the limit of your creative powers,
Give to the World the most your growth empowers;
Take what you need, there is no cost,
Though be sure the essence is never lost.
But you’ll richer grow when you give the most;
Open your heart, though mockers encroach,
A humble confession outweighs any boast.
To live and learn, to work and earn,
There is more to life than this,
Through mental digestion there’s dross to burn,
And what you would miss, now seal with a kiss
While waiting to serve, until it’s your turn,
Forget not the thoughts of age eight and bliss.

October 1999