I want to dream the dreams of childhood
I want the meadow image back.
The World was different then –
I want the bird-song back.
What has gone wrong?
Waking to a morning dawn chorus
Of comforting, singing birds
Can I re-evaluate the changes
That have choked the source
Of a once such limpid pool?
Where so much now divides us
From our childhood dreams.
Must it be left to me
To take on the task of explaining
Just what has gone wrong
And what must be done to put things right?
Once I thought that winning a fortune
Was the most disruptive event
To affect some striving family –
Now I’m not so sure,
Even more, even worse would be
To harbour a child prodigy
Within your ranks and watch
As, day by day, the PR machine
Destroys the product and the product’s source.
What does this mean?
That society has converted greed and pride
Into lottery and celebrity –
The two curses of our age.
What must we do to be saved?
That’s easy. It’s within ourselves.
But where, what is in us where does it come from?
Outside distorted social values
That choke the well for us.
Where can we find pure water
To nourish the seeds of change and hope?
Do I have to say it?
They won’t believe me,
They want to prostrate themselves
Before the old, old corrupt gods.
How can one get the message across?
And why? yes, why?
If I can see it, why should it matter
That others are blind?
But are they?
Are we not now all thinking alike
And waiting for the word
That will inspire a collective change
To enable us to discard the dross
Of the present age
And surge towards the light of a new age?
Perhaps we’re doing this already.

July 2010