Andrew Cargill is off to Brazil
While Wills stays home and plays Rugby;
One is a roamer, the World at his feet
Sure of his place in all foreign lands;
The other a home boy, where familiar is sweet,
Who is sure of his place where he stands.

Andrew loves words wrapped up in ideas,
The smell of grease paint at the theatre;
A scriptwriter who goes for the gut, yet fears
The re-coiling bathos that comes after.
It’s a life on a tight-rope needing strong nerves
With a laid-back expression  behind it;
While in and out of life’s subtle swerves
He’s on track to get that smash hit.
Although a love of words is all that matters
In a World that acclaims this man of letters.

William is focused on the art of sport;
The roar of the crowd, the players alerted –
A field of green with the image caught
Of a try that is made and converted.
The tennis stroke that’s played with skill;
The boundary that’s scored in cricket –
On a clear, fine day, when the air is still
And the bowler comes up to the wicket.
The team spirit is strong, the bonding true
With victor’s reward for the chosen few.
There are many of those who start the race
But to all of us William’s the ace.

Brothers and siblings, so different they seem
Yet they are bound by one common bond
Together they share a love and a dream
Of an inheritance and what lies beyond;
A unity of purpose as they to manhood grew
Of shared family and friends, the bud unfurled
Their memories will interlace anew
As they grow into the waiting World.
You two will have your lives to lead
New loves to find, young mouths to feed.
The pattern is a holy grail
Although hearts can sink and purose fail,
The peaks of life are there to be scaled
And triumph’s heady oxygen inhaled.
In the fierce furnace of the future days
A small clear voice will still be there
As the the old is shed to accommodate new ways
And your lives are shaped all unaware –
Remember, all the love you had is not gone,
It is there for you to treasure, and pass on.

In a World that worships Mammon
Give a thought to other things,
When the one who is the champion
Makes his stand and a different message brings.

February 2004