Madeleine – Madeleine
When you repeat it – it’s never the same,
A name that presents many faces
Come to complete three little Graces.

Genevieve – Susannah – Madeleine make
A trio of lovely girls dancing Swan Lake,
Romping together, as children they’re now
They’ll grow up together, each one a flower.

Such symbols they’ll bear a through life each goes
The fragrant and beautiful English rose –
And sturdy in pride and staunch in belief,
The solid Canadian maple leaf.

Then of course, what they do, they will do well
With German bounty that in each of them dwell –
Still leaving a space in themselves somewhere
For the enhancing and dancing Brazilian flair.

Proud are their parents of all that they be
They’ll grow up to be proud of the parents they see –
When such antecedents and such parents meet
The World is prepared to lay at their feet.

As fashions and trends are adopted then spurned
You will cleave to the true values you’ve learned;
The World is your oyster and all you can find
Is there for those who are tough and kind.

Madeleine – Madeleine
A star was born when you came;
A Millennium baby to bring joy to us all
Your fortune’s assured, though now so small,
You’ll grow with your sisters, alert and alive
The three Cooper girls of Egerton Drive.