A speck of light upon a leaf
And gold the shafts that pierce the apple tree,
A lady bird explores in high relief
The solace and the wonder here for me.

Those dangers to be met upon the way
For all who travel through this World might not
Complete the journey when and how they may
have thought or feared, such is life’s hidden plot.

There are some whose dreams fade at the onset
Whilst others, hopes never take off to grow,
And each has to nurture or pay the debt
Uninvited fate insists that we owe.

As broken reeds, failures and dire discards
Are swept into the void and forgotten
By a World that harbours without regards
Destruction of both good and the rotten.

We may cry out because of injustice
To see Mother Nature showing her back
As our time draws near with its Judas kiss,
Despair, and one final turn of the rack.

The geraniums give a splash of red,
A sparrow pecks at crumbs upon the grass,
Cotton wool cumulus overhead
Sports with the sun, these things do not pass.

January 1994