Oh, accept what you were given.
Offer it to your analytical mind
And risk losing the very essence
Of all those wonderful years.
Do not worry, the balance was right –
You always wanted it to be in her favour
But balance is balance –
Knows how to cope with those conflicting
Tensions and harmonies within
To find the equilibrium
Without which there would have been no form
To hold the substance of our lives together.
The Yin and the Yang are the closest
One can ever get to the perfect union.
When you came into my life
It was as a catalyst to clear a muddles mind
And whilst learning I, unknowingly
Was giving you the security
You so desperately needed
And so, before going on analysing to destruction
That which is so precious to me
I’ll retreat to the first principle
And accept what I was given.
Is there more to say?
A million words, or pages, or books
Would not be sufficient for me to say
What I want to say, but I realise now
The job is done, the last chapter written
And the book has ended.
It has to be like that
We have fulfilled each other
Rest easy, sweetheart.

October 2012