The little Hamburg girl; smiling, eager, involved
Full of life yet fated to spend her childhood
Without what she needed most.
Love she had, but an interrupted life
Brought loss, brought war, brought separation and uncertainty
Until her very foundations were tested and tested.
She coped by drawing on an inner strength
To carry on; not twisted, not defeated, not hollowed out,
She just carried on and waited.
She never forgot to smile
Subdued her eagerness, tempered her involvement
Facing the World and waiting.

The little London boy; dreaming, muddled, wilful
Full of life yet fated to spend his childhood
Without what he needed most.
Love he had, a rough hewn love
That chided him incessantly
And thwarted all his unrealised dreams.
So he withdrew into his own World
From where he could peep out
To engage from time to time with the hostile place without
Then draw back into his own ideal retreat.
He too waited and learned
How to survive outside his dreams
To a destiny his stubbornness knew
Would bring him through

The little smiling Hamburg girl
And the stubborn, dreaming London boy
Grew up and found themselves
Seated together at a strange table
In a Clapham boarding house.
And the heavens knew
That this was the place and time
For them to start anew
And their destinies combine.

He would show her his idealised World
Which through the long years ahead
She would sit at its centre
Finding here a refuge and safe haven
From where she could show him
How to receive and accept the gifts
Their combined strength brought
And with them the gift of love
Which was the key to heaven.

He looked into her wistful eyes and said
‘I am looking for perfection.’
She looked into his angry eyes and said
‘There is no perfection here on earth – but there is love.’

August 2013