The generation that begat me
Was neither good nor bad
But to make my departing statement
I’ll need to get my specs out to see
What it was my generation had.

It wasn’t easy nor meant to be
But if you reigned back your expectations
And made the best of life
Surprising things could happen
As they certainly happened to me.

From unwinding an Empire
We made a mighty leap
Even after a World War
Had left us all of a heap.

Rationed, ruined, loaded down with debt
We brushed this aside as though it had never been
To set about the impossible and create
The most civilised society
The World had ever seen.
It wasn’t perfect but in this place
Perfection’s out of reach for the human race.

But if there’s a moral element in life
And some like me believe this true
The question of, ‘am I my brother’s keeper?’
Is answered without debate;
And building up a society
Where all would take care of all
To teach, to heal, to move through life
Giving a helping hand to those who fall
And hold back those who would twist the knife.

Because the baser side is ever there
And later generations were
Beguiled by false prophets
Preaching the message of a projection of self
To over-ride the common good.

The doors of greed and envy
Were unlocked by a subtle message
That came with the statement that debt
Was no longer to be shunned
But embraced as a golden opportunity
To have what one desired
Before the means had been earned.
This magic formula called credit
Was lauded as good for the World
And the generation that followed mine
Accepted the new arrangement
And so sealed our social dream.

June 2017