I am striving to achieve with all exertion
And I will not stop from political subversion;
Without this key, there is nothing to unlock
To ease my progress onwards without unwanted shock.
With political power within my control
I can lay plans and my objectives unroll;
My new allies and I must now cement
A pathway to society’s debasement.
First we must create uncertainty
By the identification of an enemy –
Alert and warn the masses of impending mess
Through control of the media and the press.
Throughout modern times, its never known to fail
(With the help of the Daily Telegraph and Mail).
Responding to their ‘news’ of threats, within and out the border,
We’ll keep an iron grip on the forces of law and order.
The deception spot-light must never linger long
Before the singers are told to sing another song.
With mass culture now softened and debased
I order next an attack on education’s face –
A two tier system, vouchers and selection,
The priviledged everywhere applauding such direction;
With luck, before the next election
I’ll get through one more dereliction,
This can be the most daring one to do –
A strike into the foodstuff heartlands too;
It’s not often that I get away with three.
(You don’t get Reagans and Thatchers growing on a tree).
Our second term is subject to attack
And we will find it hard to get back
Before we sign off, claiming smears and lies
To return again under a caring, sharing guise.
We’ll get health and safety in disarray
So, each one can be fought another day;
And when my political lapdogs falter
As they learn, a leopard’s spots don’t alter
My money moves elsewhere, with no disruption,
To death, Third World, starvation and corruption.
My critics call for regulation
Which I resist with indignation –
And really find it rather funny
That such critics always seem to have no money.
If they want mine, they’ve got a shock
Thinking they can turn back the clock.